Scar Treatments In Malaysia

If you are like most women in the world, you definitely have battled a few scars during your lifetime. Remember the time you fell off your bike when you were six-years old? The scar on your knee will still remind you of that accident, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, many scars fade away with time. For those […]

Best Way For Acne Scar Removal Info

If you suffer from acne, chances are, you have also suffered from acne scars. Unfortunately, acne scars can be just as damaging, if not more, than actual acne lesions. In order to combat acne scars, you are going to need to look into scar removal options. Before you go looking for surgery or prescription type […]

Top Scar Repair Solutions

A scar is a layer of the skin or even fibrous tissue that replaces the skin of a wounded area. It forms from the natural repairing of the body tissues. However, scars can induce some negative impact on the beauty of your skin. This is what makes people think about going for versatile treatments that […]

My Top Five Treatments for Eczema

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a term for various medical conditions that cause the skin to become irritated and or inflamed. The word eczema is derived from the Greek words “ek” and “zema” which mean out boiling and that is what eczema is and irritating spot that tends to itch, get red and become inflamed and […]